D-Flex Flexible Coupling


Dodge D-Flex couplings feature molded, interchangeable elastomeric sleeves made of EPDM, Neoprene, or Hytrel.  Its four-way flexing action accommodates angular, parallel, and axial misalignment, as well as absorbing shock and damping vibration.  Offering a design that allows for quick and easy installations, the Dodge D-Flex’s non-lubricated design eliminates maintenance, assuring trouble-free operation for years to come.  AGMA 9 flange balancing for reduced vibration, rounded element tooth profile for improved fit and longer life, premium ionized powder coat finish, and superior shaft attachment methods are all features that make the Dodge D-Flex the best sleeve coupling in the market.

  • Maximum Bore: 6 inches [152 mm]
  • Maximum Torque: 72,480 in-lbs [8,189 Nm]
  • Types and sizes available: 
    • Type J couplings feature bored to size die-cast flanges, offering a cost-effective solution for low-torque applications - 4 Sizes: 3J to Size 6J
    • Type S couplings are made of high-strength cast iron and bored to size off the shelf, utilizing a 65° setscrew angle for superior holding power and quick, easy installation - 11 Sizes: 5S to 16S
    • Type SC spacer couplings satisfy ANSI and ISO shaft spacing requirements, and feature drop-out center assemblies for easy equipment maintenance - 15 Sizes: 5SC to 14SC
    • Type B couplings offer QD bushings for easy installation and removal - 10 Sizes: 6B to 16B
  • Four-way flexing element handles shock, vibration, and misalignment
  • Simple design and interchangeable components make installation quick and easy
  • No maintenance – non-lubricated design assures trouble-free operation
  • Ionized powder coat finish for superior corrosion protection
  • Rounded EPDM and Neoprene element profile for improved fit and longer life versus competitor’s elements
  • High-torque Hytrel element option
  • AGMA 9 dynamically balanced Type S and SC flanges for reduced vibration
  • Third-Party ATEX certification standard

Complete S & J couplings consist of (2) Flanges and (1) Sleeve
Complete Spacer Coupling Consists of (2) spacer hubs, (2) slacer flanges, & (1) Sleeve
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